Irini Gonou @ Art International Istanbul 2015, with Nitra gallery


“…Irini Gonou returns to her inner self, by looking for her own personal “garden”; a garden as a refuge, a “sheltered and secure” retreat; a private place away from the world, an inner space. Sculptures and assemblages of textile, text and talisman, are Gonou’s retreat. The element of nature is evident as the works are made of herbal dyed cotton and linen textiles, antique Turkish and Chinese silks and inscribed reeds are the common place of the widespread belief of supernatural protection. In many cultures script is believed to have a magical power and the written word is thought to provide protection and through the reproduction of these beliefs Gonou manages to create a three dimensional space in which her being is safe, calm and can be regenerated. The calligraphy and the writing have a key role to her work, as “their deep consciousness of the religious, moral and magical association that words have accumulated over the centuries” as Mark Mazower notes about her work. Last but not least, she explores also the concept that cloth is believed to be a living thing, it records life, so the notion of memory and the passing of time is insinuated through the element of the thread‐ the weaving of the past, the present and the future. In Gonou’s work there is nothing that could be considered as a signifier for technology, as the artist agrees with Heidegger that technology is often an enemy to contemplation…”


Curated by: Aliki Tsirliagkou


About ounoginiri

visual artist
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