Irini Gonou and magical writing.

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It’s been awhile since I’ve blog due to my daughter’s knee injury and the breakdown of my modem.  Hopefully, my blog will pick up some animation now!

 Last year I had been presented the possibility of teaching a workshop in Senegal (which, unfortunately, I later had to refuse) and that led me to researching gris-gris, amulets worn for protection from evil.  Often the gris-gris is a small cloth or leather pouch containing small objects or written verses.  The idea of wearing writing for magical purposes fascinates me as my Muy Marcottage huipiles and dresses all have words or phrases stitched onto them.

gris gris


gris girs

magical writing 

One link leads to another and that’s how I discovered the work of Irini Gonou. Irini’s work is very poetic and deals a lot with magic scripts and apotropaic texts.  She has a series of work entitled The Sheltering Word representing her exploration…

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  1. Hope to see you this summer!

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